See you in April!

The store will be closed until the Winnipeg Punk Rock Flea Market on April 3rd

Being a one woman operation and small business I need this time to work on my product and for creating new exciting stuff for the flea

Thank you for understanding and hail yourself!

About Lucy & Lilith Co.

Welcome to my little shop!

My name is Lexie (but you can call me Lex), I am the owner of Lucy & Lilith Co. I am a one woman operation which started out of the desire to create a space with all of my (and hopefully your!) favorite things; clothing,  jewelry, candles, art, you name it.

And what can I say, I like all of these things...different. Dark, spooky, alternative, macabre, INTERESTING. I thought, hey, why not just collect and/or make all those things here, in one place? So here we are!

A little about me: I was born and raised in Winnipeg until my early 20's. I then spent time in Europe before settling down in Miami, Florida, where for 8 years I lived above a Spiritual shop specializing in Santeria and Voodoo. After exploring the world and living away from home for so long, my best friend/dog Gorgo and I decided to move back to my hometown of Winnipeg, Canada. (and yes, you will see many pictures of her, she's my partner in crime)

I promise to always go above and beyond for you all, I want to make sure to keep all my little Demons happy!

Let's get weird Winnipeg.

Thank you for your support and hail yourself!


All natural soy candles